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Security Grilles

Clearview Portcullis Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutter Rolling Shutter

Clearview Portcullis Rolling Shutter


The Clearview Portcullis is an attractive aesthetically appealing solution, designed in a range of combinations to give a tailor made security solution.

Door Sections

The Clearview Portcullis consists of vertical links and horizontal aluminium tubes/sleeves, threaded onto horizontal aluminium bars. The carrier bars are made from steel, but can vary depending on the application requirements. The horizontal carrier rods are held in place using chrome dome nuts, this eliminates lateral movement within the grille and also reduces friction. The portcullis gives a maximum visibility of 89% per square metre.

Bottom Rail

A choice of bottom rails are available to suit all applications


The Clearview Portcullis can be supplied in either mill finish or polyester powder coated in a range of RAL/BS colours.

Tube and Link Grilles

Tube and Link Grilles Tube and Link Grilles

Clearview Punched and Glazed


The Clearview punched and glazed rolling shutter is constructed using aluminium extrusion with a high quality acrylic panel insert. This product is extremely versatile in terms of design, with a selection of punching options available.

Door parts

The shutter curtain consists of 90mm x 14 gauge fully interlocking heat-treated alloy laths, which are specially extruded to our specifications. The Clearview punched and glazed rolling shutter can be manufactured to allow for a reverse coil capability, which offers a vast range of solutions during planning stages.

Bottom Rail

A specially extruded aluminium bottom rail can incorporate a rubber seal which serves a dual role, protecting specialist flooring from damage and weather sealing the lower edge of the rolling shutter.


The Clearview punched and glazed roller shutter is electrically operated by a single phase AC tubular motor that incorporates a manual override. Manual operation is available for small shutters.


The Clearview punched and glazed roller shutter can be supplied in a range of polyester powder coated finishes.

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